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About Us


LEGAMAX ACCOUNTING LTD. is a leading Bulgarian accounting company specialized in the provisions of high quality and complex accounting services and tax advices to corporate clients.

LEGAMAX ACCOUNTING LTD. is one of the fastest developing accounting companies in Bulgaria. The company is preferred by its clients for the wide range of offered accounting and tax consulting services as well as for the fast and professional reaction of the accountants, economists, financial specialists and lawyers of the team on resolving the current issues and problems related to the client’ s business.

The services provided by LEGAMAX ACCOUNTING LTD. include: current accounting servicing of corporate clients, tax advices, preparation of tax strategies and tax planning. The company put emphasis on provision of effective accounting and tax solutions for its clients in order to minimize the economic, financial and tax risks and optimize the business processes.

The highly qualified team of LEGAMAX ACCOUNTING LTD. consists of experienced accountants, economists, financiers and lawyers of proven experience, knowledge and now-how in the field of the accountancy, taxes, corporate finances. Most of the team members have specialized in prestigious universities, institutions, organizations and companies in Europe and USA. LEGAMAX ACCOUNTING LTD. experts were lecturers and speakers at important international events (conferences, seminars, forums, etc) in the field of accounting, taxation, investments and finances. The professionalism and experience of our team is a guarantee for the high quality of the services we offer.


The accounting company LEGAMAX ACCOUNTING LTD. has been created with the purpose to provide high quality accounting and tax consulting services thus assisting Bulgarian and foreign corporate clients to establish and develop a successful business in the relevant market sectors. The company team has always endeavored to provide first-class and pragmatic accounting and tax consulting solutions, which are often combined with nontraditional and innovative business approach.

LEGAMAX ACCOUNTING LTD. uniqueness is the prolific combination between rich professional experience in the field of accountancy, taxes and finances and profound knowledge of the specific economic sectors in which the clients carry on their activity.

The past, present and future of LEGAMAX ACCOUNTING LTD. are connected with the constant ambition that services of the company shall satisfy to the maximum practical extent the demands and requirements of our clients business.


–  Professionalism in everyone and everything. High quality of our services is a fundamental feature of our reputation. We constantly strive to improve, enlarge and develop the areas of our activities.

–  Dedication and loyalty to our clients.

–  Complete compliance of our services with the practical needs and requirements of our clients.

–  Orientation to creation of effective accounting and tax solutions in the interest of the business strategy of our clients.

–  Ambition. This is the power which makes us to strive to succeed in any field of business activity.

–  We are team players combining individualism and solidarity.

–  Detailed identification and analysis of the relevant problems.

–  Mutual multidisciplinary solutions in resolving the cases.

–  Maximum protection of the interests of our clients.

–  Fast and effective reaction of the team.

–  Individual approach to every client.